Tawow Acimowin


Collecting the displaced youth of Alberta.


Establishing a circle of security that inspires resilience in displaced youth whose problems are too much for other's to handle.

Goals and objectives of our program

Our primary goal is to inspire mature, fully enabled, and functioning adults. It is our conviction that healthy attachment is foundational to the development of mature behavior, with this in context; it is foundational to create a culturally relevant space that is applicable to Native People. In this Process of maturation, we further believe that attachment is fostered in a safe and responsive relationship. HOWEVER attachment requires dependency thus creating vulnerability that is often too much for traumatized/sensitive individuals, families and communities to handle. Thus specialized approaches are needed to maintain attachment and foster maturity. Further trditional approaches to facilitating proper behaviours do not work with severe attachment sensitivities and can in fact,  make things worse. Therefore we exist to develop attachment with individuals, families, and communities who are challenging to hold on to, and in this, develop each individual's inherently adventitious, adapative and caring spirit. 

A safe affirming place for ALL Natives to engage with traditions that an inheritable part of valued customs of empowerment for the future generations.


 Proud of our culture. You should be too.