First Steps for





We are a foundational agency that aspires to facilitate a place(s) of protection/ preservation of a way of life for Native peoples, within a conceptualizion of culturally traditional practises, day-to-day living, inclusive with ceremonial rituals and practises.

"Native Healing Connections"


Allowing self-determining factors

to facilitate empowerment.



Revitalizing. . .

Reconstruction of a Native way of life.

Facilitating a balanced approach within the conext of the circle...

All four directions with the understanding of the need to balance the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical aspects of our individuality. The circle is a place of equality for all people and a tool to help each and every one of us with processing these endeavors with access for each individual at their own space and understanding.

The Four Aspects of Self




7 Extensions into the community
  • Group care "Establishing a circle of security that inspires resilience in youth whose problems are too much for others to handle."

  • Foster care: sacred places for our children.

  • Family/parenting: restoring traditional roles.

  • Advocacy/ restorative justice/ safe communities

  • Daycare: Facilitating a sacred space for our children to grow, with the guidance of elders of physical wellness.

" Allowance for self-determining factors for empowering."



 Proud of our culture. You should be too.