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Skylar is First Nations Cree, two-spirit, and his family lineage comes from Treaty No.9 Attawapiskat (People of the parting rocks) First Nation. He has done advocacy and fieldwork in the sector of 2S & LGBTQQAI+ human rights, Indigenous rights, HIV/AIDS advocacy, counseling, Indigenous harm reduction frontlines, and event coordination both in the regional and national spheres.

Skylar has extensively presented Indigenous health, 2S & LGBTQQAI+ barriers to accessing healthcare, LGBTQQAI+ policies, restrictive and punitive drug policies, and Indigenous sovereignty. As well as, sharing his lived experience. He recently spoke at the United Nations (UN) level on the political declaration on HIV and restrictive and punitive drug policy, listing recommendations for including youth in policy decision-making. He holds an Indigenous Specialization Social Service Diploma and has experience working directly with First Nation, Inuit, and Metis communities across Canada.

His long-standing passion, spirit, advocacy, and lived experience as a Transgender (Two-Spirit) individual have brought him to integrate his frontline, national, regional, and international experience has led him to open his consulting services. He currently is doing his bachelor's degree in Political Science and minoring in Anishinaabe studies in his final,
year, while working in the field as a Policy Analyst. 

Skylar has over 5 years of experience training organizations, running workshops, facilitating mediation of dialogues, education training on 2SLGBTQQAI+ human rights, and Indigenous advocacy.

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