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The main service areas fall under organization policies, such as the non-profit sector, education workshops on intersectional areas of experience, public speaking for engagements, and conference requests. The following services can be tailored to specific requests and needs.

Education Workshops

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  • 2S & LGBTQQAI+ Education workshops 

  • Indigenous Harm Reduction Policy workshops 

  • Intersectionality in Education for students and faculty 

  • Community Relations: how to bridge frontline context to policy level or education.

Non-Profit Support

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  • Grant Writing Services

  • Grant Proposals

  • Organizational Charters

  • Organization Structure Policies 

Public Speaking

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  • 2S & LGBTQQAI+ rights

  • Intersectionality in politics and grassroots approaches

  • Two-Spirit and Transgender health, policies, and mental health

  • International political interventions at the United Nations 

  • Global Indigenous rights surrounding gender and substance use

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